Leader of the opposition looks at waste

TALKING GARBAGE… Leader of the Opposition in Victoria, Michael O’Brien discusses waste recycling with owner of Foott Waste and Recycling, Peter Foott and Member for Northern District, Wendy Lovell. Photo: Katelyn Morse

Following the unveiling of a ‘Zero to Landfill’ policy paper at the state conference last month, the Leader of the Opposition in the Victorian Government, Michael O’Brien called into Shepparton to promote the policy along with local member for Northern District, Wendy Lovell.

Developed out of the collapse of processor, SKM Recycling in August, the level of waste being transferred to landfill has risen sharply.

The Liberal National Coalition policy intends to invest in new and upgraded local recycling systems in order to increase the volume of recycled material being processed in Victoria.

“Large scale energy-from-waste facilities will also create a low emission, baseload energy supply to help meet Victoria’s growing energy needs. This technology is currently being used in Europe and Singapore now.” said Mr O’Brien.

Peter Foott, owner of Foott Waste and Recycling said, “We are seeing more and more waste being rejected from Asia due to international trade wars that in a very short time, a lot of recyclable material will go to landfill.”

In a recent statement, the Victorian Government called on the Federal Government to implement a national funding plan to ensure states are ready for the export market ban when it is implemented next year.

Environmental ministers from all states reached an agreement in November that waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres that have not been processed into value-add material should be subject to an export ban beginning from July 2020.