Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Editor November 22, 2017


Dear Editor,

A number of councils across Australia have opted for the $100 ‘Lifetime’ Animal Registration and running successfully with many owners choosing the lifetime option. Recently, I approached Greater Shepparton City Council suggesting an added option of ‘Lifetime Dog Registration’ in Shepparton. Based on Western Australia dog registrations, Greater Shepparton City Council is double in fees. A pension concession rate on a sterilised dog in Shepparton is full price compared to WA figures. www.ckb.wa.gov.au/CKB/media/Documents/Rangers/Forms/Dog-Registration-From-DOG-REGISTRATION.pdf


Western Australia applies concessions to Commonwealth Senior Card Holders with residential rates and dog registrations (they are not reimbursed by the Federal Government for these concession payments).

Upon phoning Victorian State Government (Levy on Dog Registrations) I was informed that each council individually sets its own annual registration fees

Section 11 Domestic Animal Act Registration Renewal 10th April Annual Fee (this does not prohibit the added option/choice of lifetime). The Victorian State Government has no set guidelines determining the registration fees. This has been left to individual councils to determine.

Greater Shepparton City Council makes its own in-house decisions and it is disappointing council are not open to suggestions of including ‘Lifetime Animal Registration’ along with the choice of annual fees or alternatively reduce the current registration rate.

Greater Shepparton City Council goes straight for the jugular applying maximum fines/fees in all areas concerned. Former Mayor, Dinny Adem commented recently “The council had recourse to reduce the penalty values with parking fines,” then why not dog registrations?

As mentioned previously lifelong dog registrations are working well in Western Australia. Local councils have the opportunity to discuss ratepayers concerns, amending out-dated guidelines. No different to Greater Shepparton City Council changing the method of payment with residential rates this year.

Greater Shepparton City Council has their priorities all wrong or is it all about revenue raising? Take a look at illegal dumping of rubbish and the cost to ratepayers! Shire of Campaspe, Rural City of Benalla and Rural City of Wangaratta provides annual tip vouchers. Why not Greater Shepparton City Council? This could help prevent the massive amount of illegal rubbish dumping around Shepparton.

Shepparton is an expensive place to live and the poor old ratepayer keeps footing the bill. I ask the question, why has the same company been allowed to continue with property valuations/rates for the past 40+ years within Shepparton region?

Yours sincerely,

Julie Reed