Thursday, April 26, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Editor November 22, 2017


Dear Editor,

On a recent trip to New Zealand we stayed in the city of Auckland.

Whilst driving around the suburbs, we came across an Asian food court, more like a mall really. We went inside and had lunch. There were eight different choices of food! All Asian. All the restaurants were next to each other. Also there were lots of seats and long tables to sit down for lunch at.

When you ordered your meal, you took a number and sat down at a table and the cook or kitchen hand would bring out your meal.

I reckon that sort of thing is what is needed in the Maude Street Mall, Shepparton, after all, there are no Asian restaurants in the mall and you wouldn’t need to worry about a coffee machine on site as there are three shops nearby. In the mall, there’s Hudson’s Coffee, also Madisons Food Store, plus on Wyndham Street there is Gloria Jeans. But, you could have a cooler with cold drinks on site.

Now, where would you put the restaurants I hear you ask? … good question!

The old toy shop in Fraser Street you could put it, plus the two little clothing shops next door to Identity Menswear on the corner of the mall. You could turn all these shops into one by putting an RS Tin in each and dividing wall between the shops, making them all one shop, in theory, with a door in each wall so you could walk through. Now, an RS Tin is a big steel beam that takes the weight off the wall, plus the roof between each shop, whether the wall be brick, sandstone or wood, it would do the trick.

You could put the tables for eating at the front of the shop fronts and still use some of the existing doors in the front of the shop. The kitchens you would put at the rear of the shop and customers could walk between the tables and the servery. Of course this would all take time and money, but it could be done and lots of people would come to the mall for a feed. After the meal, they could look around the shops and they might buy some goods etc.

Also, there are public toilets across the road next to the telecom tower; toilets that have just been renovated, so that would save the restaurant having to put some in.

So, all in all, it’s a win all round.

Yours sincerely,

Reg Botting