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Letter to the Editor

Editor May 24, 2017


Dear Editor,

I was reviewing the Greater Shepparton City Council draft budget for 2017/18 last night and was very surprised to find the Fair Go Rates System which was implemented to cap council rate increases by a maximum of 2 percent per annum had not been extended to the Municipal Charge 2.3 percent increase or Waste Service Charge which has increased a massive 5.3 percent, so overall our rates will actually increase by 3.4 percent.

Considering the Consumer Price Index (Inflation) for March 2017 quarter is 2.1 this increase appears excessive.

But wait it gets worse, if you look back at page 49 of the Greater Shepparton City Council Adopted Budget 2016/17 and replace the total rates and charges figure of $70,956,622 with what should be a more accurate figure being the total rates and charges figure for 2016/17 obtained from page 47 of the Greater Shepparton City Council Draft budget 2017/18 of $71,834,779 it appears our rate increase for 2016/17 was not the stated 2.9 percent but a hefty 4.0 percent increase.

The concern is if you extend this logic to the 2017/18, Council Rates will increase a massive 4.5 percent not the stated 3.4 percent.

Excluding this possible further increase in profit, the current draft budget surplus for 2017/18 is a healthy $12.142M so this raises many questions.

The two questions I have heard recently is why are people still being charged for parking in the CBD (Parking Enforcement Profit is $892,000 but it is unclear how much of this relates to parking meters) and why has the development of the Shepparton Sports Stadium been postponed as this is major drawcard to the Greater Shepparton Region.

Yours sincerely,
Dallas Moore

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