Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

After spending 15 odd hours on the Community Experience Survey through the Independent Assessment of Social and Economic Conditions of the Basin, you can imagine the distress caused when I discovered that the work I did had not been saved when I returned the next day to complete it.

Upon calling the Independent Panel in an attempt to find the information I thought was in their online system I was dismayed to find out that as of 21st October only 350 people had completed the online survey.

I know that there are way more than 300 people unhappy with the current conditions of the Murray Darling Basin, so I urge all of you with better computer literacy skills than me to please get online and complete the survey. It would give the Governments so much pleasure if there is a poor response to the survey, but let’s not give them that satisfaction.

I know we are all fatigued and frustrated, especially at the constant refusal of Governments to act on the situation we are currently facing. But I urge everyone not to give up.

The survey needs to be completed by 31st October.

Andrew Hermiston