Sunday, March 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor March 3, 2016


Dear Editor,

As each month passes, I find more and more examples of country Victorians being treated like second-class citizens by the Andrews Labor Government.

An obvious one is the V/Line crisis. It seems every day we wake to news that something else has gone wrong with our regional train network, but all we get from the government are excuses.

Commuters are fed up – they just want this mess fixed.

Then there are our deteriorating ambulance response times, which have blown out across many parts of rural and regional Victoria under the Andrews Labor Government.

Code 1 response times have reached around 29 minutes in some country areas – almost double the government’s target of 15 minutes.

Before the election, Daniel Andrews promised he would “improve response times” and give paramedics “the resources they need.”

Country paramedics and ambulance community officers are working exceptionally hard and doing their best, but since the election the premier has forgotten all about them and his promises.

Another Daniel Andrews promise was free kindergarten to all families within 10 drought-stricken areas. But he’s been caught out on that too.

It was revealed recently that parents were being told they’d be means-tested and must meet eligibility criteria before getting free kinder.

The coalition had to shame Daniel Andrews on the floor of parliament to get him to keep his promise, and make kinder free again for all these families.

Compared to Labor’s union mates, country Victorians don’t ask for much, but they deserve a hell of a lot more than they’re getting from the Andrews Labor Government.

Yours sincerely, 

Peter Walsh

Leader of The Nationals



Dear Editor,

A letter writing campaign to highlight the flaws in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and its impact on regional communities kicked off in Shepparton recently.

Flyers were distributed outside the 2016 Australian Dairy Conference, encouraging affected businesses and individuals to write to Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

The first stage of the letter writing campaign is being coordinated by Goulburn Valley Irrigators and Communities (GVIC), and it will continue through other organisations including the NSW Murray-based Speak Up group.

GVIC spokesperson, Loretta Warren has said that Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull needs to be made aware of the damage to regional communities being unnecessarily caused by a basin plan that has failed to achieve balance between the needs of people, economies and the environment.

Handing out flyers at the dairy conference was the first step and there will be ongoing efforts to encourage and assist people to join the letter writing campaign. Offers of assistance with distributing flyers in other communities are also appreciated. Email [email protected] if you can help.

There will also be workshops to assist anyone who needs help to write a letter.

Writing letters to the prime minister is part of an overall campaign to convince the Federal Government that changes to the basin plan are essential.

Writers will be encouraged to email letters to Mr Turnbull and copy to [email protected]

The campaign aims to culminate with bags containing every letter being personally handed to Mr Turnbull.

Yours sincerely,

Shelley Scoullar

Willum Park




Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Terrance Ashdown’s letter titled ‘Stop the whinging’ which appeared in The Adviser on February 17.

I must ask, what planet do you live on?

Sir, ratepayers and drivers have the right to as you put it whinge about the state of the roads as they pay millions of their dollars in rates and registrations for the upkeep of the roads and expect some action in return.

Maybe you have a front end centre and do all the alignment and mechanical repairs that need to be carried out from smashing through the pot holes and nasty ruts that don’t want to be fixed by council.

For you to state to stop whinging and appreciate the roads that lay there for our luxurious convenience, remember what I said, these whingers pay millions of dollars yearly to access these roadways and they have the right to whinge. They don’t want the ‘autobahn’ as in Europe, they just want good safe roads to drive on. Glad I don’t ride a push bike on the local roads as I would need a seat belt to keep me on it. Also, your bit about DIY and get over it, that is the same attitude that comes out of the Shepparton council office when someone complains.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Dickson