Sunday, March 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor March 10, 2016

Dear Editor,
In reference to Bob Dickson’s letter in The Adviser on Wednesday, March 2 (“We have the right to whinge”), which was in response to my letter where I whinged about whingers, at no stage did I mention ‘rights.’
To believe one has rights is a delusion. Cyclists and smokers have rights, yet both are life threatening pleasures.
A police person’s right sleeve is emblazoned ‘uphold the right,’ and on the left ‘to be sure.’
I enjoy believers of rights. Some think they have a God given right, others a lawfully given right, but most believe they have a socially accepted right that is just taken to suit one’s obese lifestyles.
Where does this ideal for rights originate? Who gave us these rights and who or what had the right to do so in the first place?
My favourite right is the UN Charter for Human Rights, where one has the right to change one’s mind. Very handy in the courtroom.
Back on the road again, Bob, if your driving talents are truly as you wrote by smashing through pot holes and nasty ruts, and also feel a safety harness would be required on your pedal bike, then I would highly recommend a better set of lenses and/or to participate in an attitude modification program.
And thank you for asking. I do actually live on planet Earth. How’s your planet been treating yourself lately?
Yours sincerely,
Terence Ashdown

Dear Editor,
I agree with Bob Dickson’s letter in The Adviser on Wednesday, March 2.
One thing he didn’t mention was the fact that every litre of fuel we buy has a ‘fuel excise’ tax, and the 10 percent GST on top of that. Is that ‘tax-on-tax?’
All GST collected from the sale of fuel should go to the roads, that way we wouldn’t have to have toll roads in Australia. We shouldn’t have toll roads anyway, as we pay extra taxes in the first place (e.g. stamp duty and GST on home and contents insurance.
As far as Terrence Ashdown’s letter from The Adviser on Wednesday, February 17 is concerned, he says he dislikes whingers, but isn’t he whinging about the whingers?
Yours sincerely,
Keith Asbury

Dear Editor,
How disappointing to read so many incorrect statements by Gordon Hamilton, president of the Better Local Government Association, in his letter ‘The mall does not work’ that appeared in the local media on February 29. He is wrong in stating that I believe ‘there is nothing wrong with the Maude St Mall.’ I haven’t said that at all and it’s not what I think.
In fact, I have made it quite clear on my Facebook page, in local media and at council’s February meeting that the mall needs to be improved in many ways to attract more shoppers. I proposed there be a plan, a budget and immediate action. Mr Hamilton was at that meeting. Maybe he wasn’t listening.
I am in favour of the mall being improved as a pedestrian precinct. There is no business case, which supports spending $4M of ratepayers money building a road through it.
Mr Hamilton, who signed his letter as president of the Better Local Government Association needs to come clean and let the public know if his statements are based on a genuine resolution of that association or if they are just his personal views; in which case the association’s name should not be used. Does he have a copy of the minutes, how many members attended that meeting and, just out of interest, how many paid-up members does the Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association have at this point in time? Those are fair questions, which any legitimate and well-run organisation should be happy to answer.
Yours sincerely,
Cr Jenny Houlihan
Greater Shepparton City Council

Dear Editor,
Some two and half years ago the Bangerang People were granted a chance to apply for RAP (Registered Aboriginal Party) status in conjunction with the Yorta Yorta over lands in the Murray Valley, Goulburn Valley and Wangaratta Shire.
I was on the ‘Justice for the Bangerang Committee,’ who fought hard to give the Bangerangs that opportunity. The Bangerang Aboriginal Co-op fulfilled the requirements of that RAP application and in 2014 forwarded the application to the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council for its consideration.
That application was forwarded with the full support in writing, of the Shepparton City Council, the Moira Shire Council, the Wangaratta Shire Council, the Campaspe Shire Council, various heritage groups, farming organisations, Barmah cattlemen, timber cutters and heritage family and individuals who had ancestral contacts with the Bangerang Nation since early white settlement began.
Along with all those people that gave their support to have the Bangerang people’s lands returned and acknowledged, I demand that a decision be made as soon as possible. The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council has had enough time to make a decision on this application.
We call for an all out effort by local politicians should be brought to bear upon this group to make a final decision now!
I know that this body has a large number of Yorta Yorta representatives on this council so now is the time to give the Bangerangs their culture and burial rights to the land back. The eyes and ears of the community are upon you all and the local community has expressed a desire for the oldest aboriginal community to be given ‘the right’ now.
It is especially important for friend Uncle John Sandy Atkinson ,who has been a warrior for the Bangerang, to be given there acknowledgement to the lands that they have inhabited and a connection to for more than 4,000 years.
He needs to see it “come to pass.”
Aboriginals do it now!
Get well Sandy.
Yours sincerely,
Max Schier

Dear Editor,
Average Global temperatures in 2015 were the hottest on record.
In Victoria, March is shaping up to be the hottest on record, with maximum temperatures currently approximately nine degrees above average.
Weather forecasts to March 10 indicate very hot conditions, which will see maximum temperatures across the state soar to 10 degrees above average. Unless there is unprecedented cooler conditions for the remainder of the month, March 2016 will, most probably, be the hottest March on record.
Over the next week we will all experience the prolonged hot spell. Some of us will keep the air conditioner on longer, others cannot do that.
Hopefully, we will reflect on what we and the nation can do to mitigate the enormous negative impact of global warming will have on us unless we act now.
Taxation changes that penalise big polluters would be a great start.
Yours sincerely,
Terry Court