Sunday, March 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor April 27, 2016


Dear Editor,

The Andrews Labor Government has once again, shown its genuine commitment to the health and wellbeing of country Victorians announcing $170M injection of funds to the GV Health.

We don’t take for granted any community, or any voter, and have been listening closely and working intensely with this region’s Independent representative, Suzanna Sheed to deliver what the region wants and needs.

The Liberal and National parties, for the many years of their tenure took for granted the people of Shepparton and its surrounds, and squandered the goodwill these voters had shown, assuming instead their entitlement to hold the seat was guaranteed.

Neither, the Andrews Labor Government or myself, as its representatives across Northern Victoria, will ever assume or demand the right to represent this community without first working hard for it, and work hard is what we will continue to do ensuring the people of Shepparton have the infrastructure, services and resources they need to continue to thrive.

Yours sincerely,

Jaclyn Symes

Member for Northern Victoria



Dear Editor,

The good news publicity for the sod turning event for the new court complex unfortunately ignored the people responsible for the much needed development.

The facts are quite clear. The Honourable Jeanette Powell, former National Party Member for Shepparton, was alerted to the poor condition of the Shepparton Courthouse about eight years ago by David Faram then a local solicitor.

She lobbied the then Labor State Government for a financial commitment to rebuild the complex but this was rejected by that government. When the Liberal/National Party Coalition Government was elected, Jeanette gained $200,000 for a concept plan, then finance to purchase the necessary land, and finally $73M to build the new five storey complex.

She also successfully invited a number of ministers to see the need for the new building, including Peter Ryan, the Deputy Premier and National Party leader and Robert Clark, the Attorney General.

Jeanette Powell should be congratulated for gaining the full funding for the project and she should be invited to the official opening of that building, even if she wasn’t invited to the sod turning.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Lloyd  




Dear Editor,

Communities across the Murray electorate desperately need additional funding to help them tackle the scourge of ICE.

The Federal Government had already made $300M available, as part of its National ICE Taskforce, but further funding needed to urgently make its way to northern Victoria.

The Andrews Government announced the next stage of Victoria’s ICE Action Plan recently, but it delivered little for the Murray region.

During this campaign, I will be demanding that more money needs to be allocated by the Turnbull/Joyce government to fight ICE in the community.

I don’t want to see any more lives ruined and families destroyed by this devastating drug and that’s why I’m calling on the Federal Government to get funding flowing to our region.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to battling the scourge of ICE and that’s why our local communities need to be supported in a wide range of ways.

We need more residential rehabilitation beds for those who want to overcome the addiction. We need better education and prevention initiatives in our schools and community organisations and our health sector needs to be well-resourced to deal with the impacts.

This is an absolutely critical issue. We can’t let one more person fall victim to this evil drug.

Yours sincerely,

Damian Drum

Nationals Candidate for Murray



Dear Editor,

Disparaging and totally inaccurate comments made by one councillor at a council meeting and reported in the media recently are alleging a ‘lack of governance’ by the Section 86 Special Committee charged by council to deliver one of their major projects – The Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton.

These sweeping statements are not backed up by any evidence of incompetence. On the contrary all of the public records demonstrate business plans, minutes of meetings, specialist advice, financial auditor reports, OH&S inspections and BAS statements – to name just a few. Council has been regularly briefed in presentations about a range of relevant topics. I personally have contributed on many regional boards and even a national board as a chair or a board member in my working life. This has enabled me to make a significant community contribution based on that experience during the development of the gardens so far.

I can assure you that all who are involved take a great deal of pride in the standard of governance and the delivery of the project to date.

Unfounded comments disparage the many partners in this major project including landscape architects, engineers, landscape companies, CVGT, Council Parks & Recreation staff, GBCMA, River Connect, the very competent and passionate committee and the many volunteers who contribute.

These award winning gardens are being delivered to a very high standard and easily demonstrate value for money.

The increasing amount of visitors and feedback confirms what a wonderful asset we are assisting to develop for the region.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Kilgour


Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton