Sunday, March 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor March 30, 2016


Dear Editor,

I am sorry to see that Fern Summer will not be putting her hand up for re-election at the Greater Shepparton City Council elections. She is a person who looks at the needs of the community at heart, such as improved medical facilities, better footpaths, etc. Others are more interested in their own selfish wants, such as many of our influential egocentric folk who want things like the new SAM, when we already have a SAM which was recently upgraded at over a million dollars.

Thank you Fern for your contribution and I hope Shepparton will hear more of you into the future. Do we have any folk willing to have a go at being a councillor with similar sensibility to Fern, I hope so?

Yours sincerely,
Rodney Champness



Dear Editor,

An elderly Victorian motorist reported by a policeman for “driving at 40km/h on a road posted at 60km/h.” As everyone knows a motorist driving at 40km/h on a road posted at 60km/h is headed for dementia.

VicRoads ordered him to see a doctor and while at it see an optometrist and take a driving test. He still retains his licence. The elderly Victorian motorist – fined for driving over 60km/h, sent to the doctor for driving under 60km/h. He appealed to his God for advice. A voice boomed from the heavens – “Catch 22! Keep it for the next Monty Python Show.”

It is pleasing to note that an email from a prominent Victorian politician has added his voice to the chorus – forward from his Secretary – “In his experience, he has found older drivers to be courteous and cautious on the road.”

“They do not impose any more risk than any other age group.”

Yours sincerely, 
Gerald Bleasdale