Saturday, March 24, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor April 13, 2016


Dear Editor,

I write regarding the issue of students singing Christmas carols in Victorian government schools.

In February this year, I tabled a petition in the Legislative Assembly of the Victorian Parliament calling for students attending government schools to be allowed to sing traditional Christmas carols.

The petition contained 561 signatures from the Ovens Valley electorate.

I have recently received a response from the education minister regarding the petition, which states “The department of education and training recently released a policy confirming that students in Victorian government schools can learn about Christmas, sing carols and make Christmas decorations.”

Thank you to all who signed the petition that was available in my office and in various locations throughout the local community.

This issue created a great deal of feeling amongst the community and demonstrated the importance of our long-held Christmas traditions.

Yours sincerely,

Tim McCurdy

Member for Ovens Valley



Dear Editor,

I was sparked by the letter titled ‘Elderly drivers on our roads’ that appeared in The Adviser on Wednesday, March 30, where it was mentioned that everyone knows a motorist driving at 40km/h on a road posted 60km/h is headed for dementia.

Focusing on elderly drivers in this manner, I feel, is verging on ‘elderlyism.’ I have seen most demented driving performed by the young ones.

Driving slower than the speed limit is not the indicator of roads to dementia. Some drivers may be texting family or friends, some may be paying bills via the laptop, some looking at road maps, some may even be influenced, or currently abusing alcohol and/or other drugs while trying their very best to be courteous and cautious as to not cause any problems. I have even seen some of a particular gender applying make-up.

Another observation over the years has been numbers of elderly gentlemen cyclists travelling slower than the posted speed limit. Maybe living dangerously could actually be a good tool against the dreaded dementia.

Road rules are designed as ‘one size fits all,’ which makes way for a very convenient system to collect much net cash.

Younger drivers tend to drive faster to keep pace with their brain function, while the elderly take a more leisurely pace to suit themselves, while in these modern times we now have females scooting along our roads in their smart cars, still while maintaining the ‘one size fits all’ rules, except for maybe the cyclists.

Yours sincerely,

Terence Ashdown




Dear Editor,

Shepparton’s independent member seems to think she’s achieved something for the region because 30 ministers have visited since she was elected.

Big deal. All they’ve brought with them is a lot of hot air. None have actually opened their chequebook.

While Labor ministers have been joining hands with the independent and singing kumbaya, our train service is still a mess. Heaven help you if you need to go to hospital.

Honestly, what’s the point of our independent member if she can’t get the money we need?

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Watters