Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor June 9, 2016


Dear Editor,

It was pleasing to see the Maude Street Mall being used recently as a gathering space for holding a political debate. I congratulate Rob McLean and the Beneath the Wisteria group for providing the public with an opportunity to hear from current candidates standing for Murray.

I also commend their choice of venue, which was under the northern pergola, free from the noise, pollution and distraction of vehicles going by.

That’s one more excellent reason to keep our mall spaces for people, instead of giving it back to cars.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Houlihan


Greater Shepparton City Council



Dear Editor,

It was good to hear the candidates for the forthcoming election speak at the wisteria recently about what they want to do if they are elected.

The points that seemed to be fairly universal were water, the environment, fair payment for services rendered (e.g. dairy farming), exorbitant prices of some resources and renewable energy.

If an equivalent scheme to the Snowy Mountain scheme were implemented to pipe some water from rivers on the Eastern side of the Great Australian Divide in Northern NSW to the head of the Darling System, much of the water supply problem would be solved. It would be expensive and Mr Barnabie Joyce MP indicated so in a recent letter to me on the subject and hence nothing will be done. A government with the guts to do this like the far-sighted governments immediately post war would be wonderful.

The diversion of some water as suggested, would also help the environment in the center of Australia, as many communities are struggling to remain viable with so little water being available and places such as Broken Hill have a water shortage. The environment would be assisted by the use of renewable power resources such as solar panels and wind generators – where applicable. There is a large solar photo voltaic system at Carwarp near Mildura, which is sitting idle – why?There is also a large plant proposed for Wangaratta – will this get off the ground?

Surely governments can do something about the restrictive practices employed by large supermarkets to damage suppliers of the products that they sell. Currently, dairy farmers are in the gun, but a fair price for what they and other suppliers supply is not unreasonable to expect. As a comparison bottled water is more expensive to buy than milk and slightly tampered with tap water is about all we do get.

Would any of the hopefuls for this election care to comment on how they would achieve their proposed aims?

Yours sincerely,

Rodney Champness



Dear Editor,

On the weekend I was at Vaughan Central Coles/Kmart and needed to use the rest rooms. I ventured outside only to find they were locked.

I also noticed I wasn’t the only one to attempt to open the locked door.

I later found out that you could get a code off Kmart staff to punch into the keypad beside the door to gain access.

I understand that this is an attempt to stop vandals and people damaging the rest rooms but I wonder how genuine people are suppose to know about this said code? Perhaps a sign (and one that is durable as I have also heard they have had one in the past but it kept getting damaged) near the rest rooms to inform people about how to gain access would solve this. Or even have them inside Kmart itself.

It’s great our town has public toilets but they are no good to us locked.

Yours sincerely,

Full bladder