Letters to the Editor 13-03-2019



Dear Editor,

We are all well aware of the negative impacts of climate change.

Doing nothing is obviously no longer an option, so therefore it’s left to what individually and collectively we do to mitigate and adapt to the current impacts that are upon us and the even more dire circumstances we will have to embrace in the future.

Rather than acting with a modicum of concern and being content that we have done our best as long as our way of life isn’t changed, perhaps we have to take bolder actions to ensure we have a viable and prosperous future.

In my view we have to treat the present and future impacts of climate change as an emergency and act accordingly.

As a region we must set a new direction that motivates everyone in every conceivable way to reduce absolutely our Co2 emissions. For example our agricultural sector must integrate water, energy, environment and social consideration to the extent previously never envisaged.

Climate change impacts everyone and every organisation and should be core business for every entity.

If we are to control the impacts of climate change, all our regional leaders (health, water, education, food processing, media and the arts to name just a few) should acknowledge publically that we have a dire problem, what actions their organisation is taking and that they are totally committed to combating climate change.

Willing statements from our leaders will truly set the direction for the changes urgently needed.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Court