Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor,

On almost any of my many trips to Melbourne, friends and associates will ask ‘what’s going on back home?’

Over the last few years the conversations have changed from drug busts, gruesome murders, an ICE and obesity epidemic and economic woes to much more positive topics.

A new regional court complex, the hospital expansion, planned transport and art museums, new infrastructure to bring better more frequent rail services and a funding to transform education and provide greater opportunity.

Shepparton is buzzing and whilst it would be drawing a long bow to suggest it’s all due to having an independent member in Spring Street and a proactive Committee for Greater Shepparton, the timing isn’t just coincidence either.

The rest of Victoria and Australia is awakening to the benefits of having independent politicians, particularly when the numbers in parliament are tight.

We are the envy of many other electorates, some of which are trying to do the same come November.

I’m supporting Suzanna Sheed’s campaign financially and in any other way required and I implore others to consider doing the same. Let’s stay independent and keep the positives flowing to the region

Yours sincerely,

Jim Andreadis