Sunday, March 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor June 29, 2016


Dear Editor,

In The Adviser on June 8, 2016, a correspondent raised the issue of an equivalent of the Snowy Scheme to pipe some water East of the divide, inland in Northern NSW. A similar scheme was planned by the Fraser Government in 1983, but was abandoned by the Hawk Government.

Labour Governments have stoped dams in Tasmania and Queensland and de-commissioned a local dam in Mokoan, 350,000ML at Benalla.

Water storage means food production and world population levels have tripled in my lifetime.

If you support dams, don’t vote the Labor Party or The Greens.

Yours sincerely,

N. T. Sims




Dear Editor,

Given Damian Drum’s new professed pride in being from and focussing on the Goulburn Valley, where does that leave those from the other half of the electorate, the Murray and Loddon Valleys?

You have to ask, where was his pride and efforts as the state member for northern Victoria when our farmers water was being taken away under a coalitions state government which he was part of?

Where were he and The Nationals when SPC was going under? Did he align himself with Barnaby Joyce who said it was a Liberal problem? Some local Nationals have tried to claim credit ever since, but everyone knows the truth.

One of the least known facts about Damian Drum is that he has been the Upper House Victoria member, covering the Murray electorate for the last 10 years. So where was he during the SPC crisis, the Goulburn Murray Water debacle and the farmers losing water security crisis?

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Reid



Dear Editor,

While Duncan McGauchie laments the loss of water and implies he will be able to do something about it, his Liberal Party have been dealing with The Greens who want to take more water out of the region.

In 2010 the Liberal Party preferenced The Greens in Melbourne over Labor, giving The Greens more power in the Gillard/Green/Independent rainbow alliance. We must remember that during this government the Murray Darling Basin Plan, which has decimated this region, was finalised. By increasing The Greens power and giving them credibility with their first lower house seat. The outcomes for this region under the basin plan materially worsened.

The Greens want to lift the amount returned to the environment from 2,750GL to at least 7,000GL with the ultimate goal of closing down our irrigation sector. They also want to abolish farmers’ ability to claim the fuel tax rebate when we know industries like dairy are already doing it tough; not to mention their support for a carbon tax and a ban on live exports.

Negotiating with The Greens only means worse outcomes for the bush. And while the Liberals have now finally joined The Nationals, by putting The Greens last they have done a dodgy deal so Labor can protect David Feeney in the seat of Batman in return for Labor, preferencing the Liberals ahead of The Nationals in Murray.

To put this in perspective while The National’s candidates in the Murray Darling Basin are lobbying to move the basin authority into the regions most impacted by the basin plan to lead to more sensible outcomes. Supporting a Liberal candidate may see the basin authority move to South Australia to shore up Liberal seats and this could lead to an even worse outcome for our basin communities.

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Thompson