Monday, March 19, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor July 6, 2016


Dear Editor,

Rarely do I give praise to the council, but this time it’s well deserved.

I live on The Boulevard, Shepparton and have witnessed many ‘near misses’ and vehicular accidents at the bend of Knight Street/The Boulevard, where the road surface has been worn smooth causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles, especially in wet weather. There have been two accidents in the last month that required a tow truck to remove the vehicles from the scene.

I contacted council and they arranged a meeting with Senior Design and Traffic Engineer, Brendan Walsh at the site to discuss what could be done to improve the safety for drivers, residents and also pedestrians. While we were there we witnessed a few of the problems with vehicles nearly tail ending each other as they approached the bend and a vehicle coming from Knight Street, screeching its tyres. Luckily the road was dry otherwise there would have been another accident.

A few of the ideas that were discussed were rumble strips, a pedestrian island, new road markings and a change in signage and also reflectors on the road.

Later I had a chat with another council worker who came to assess the road surface. He pointed out the road surface had worn smooth and would need resurfacing but it would have to wait until November 2016 for warmer weather and they could only do a spray treatment but it would require a complete resurface, which would have to be listed for the next financial year. He would also recommend a drop in the speed limit from 60km/h to 35km/h until the complete resurfacing was done.

The council has now taken action by placing new signage at this corner. The first sign is in Knight Street, just past Quinan Parade, where the speed limit has been dropped from 60km/h to 35km/h. The second sign is located on The Boulevard showing the road on the left that enters Knight Street as you round the bend.

I’d personally like to thank Cr Patterson and Mr Brendan Walsh for their assistance with making this corner safer for all.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Templeman




Dear Editor,

Maude Street Mall is fine. It is just that there is no parking for access to the mall. People are generally lazy and won’t walk to where they want to go. But that is not true either, they will park in Coles car park and walk quite a good distance to where they can buy printer things for their computer in Kmart, then walk twice as far to get bread etc from Coles; but where can you park to get to Maude Street Mall?

An answer to this is to build a big overhead car park over Maude Street to accommodate 110 percent of cars in the Greater Shepparton area. But then that would not work, as people would complain that there is no daylight in the Mall and they would want elevators to every shop. So change the shops layout so that cars can ‘drive through’ as per KFC or McDonalds.

But that would take up too much room. Open up the mall to traffic and you would have another congested area similar to that in front of Coles/Kmart and Wyndham Street.

So, to sum up the situation, those who really want to go to the mall will find a park space and walk there. Those who just want to get their shopping done will walk across the provided car parks of the shopping centres. Those who do not want to go to town at all can do all their shopping from home on their computer and have the things delivered.

The only things that I am reluctant to buy online are personal things that have to be fitted, like shoes or undergarments.

I visited a shopping centre in America that had 17 acres of car parks!

Quite a walk to get to the stores.

I personally like Maude Street Mall as a place to stroll on a warm summer day. It can be a hive of activity with great attractions – whoops, sorry, I asked at the council if I could perform in the mall and the council wanted a $50 fee for a two month’s license! Great incentive I suppose; but that is another story.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis Oyston