Sunday, February 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor July 13, 2016


Dear Editor,

It appears to me there are too many issues for the Federal Government to debate effectively and irrespective of the outcome of the election, I advocate that the coalition and Labor reach agreement on following significant issues and debate the rest to their hearts content.

  • Reduce the submarine order by two- saving $10B
  • Introduce the Labor negative gearing and capital gains proposals
  • Introduce the Coalition corporate tax proposal to companies with a turnover of less than $40M
  • Adopt the Labor emissions trading scheme and emission targets
  • Maintain Gonski education funding
  • Adopt the Coalition superannuation proposals- a tax free income from $3.6m should be enough for a couple to live on
  • Maintain Medicare but make it more efficient by initially overhauling its antiquated accounting system
  • Introduce the Coalition co-payment scheme for medical services
  • Commit to a higher speed NBN
  • Increase health care funding overall
  • Allow a free vote in parliament on same sex marriage – without a plebiscite
  • Raise personnel tax on incomes over $150,000
  • Target a budget surplus by 2021-22

If everyone in parliament spent more time trying to agree with one another we would be far better placed to meet the challenges that abound. If all the above issues were agreed to I’m sure we could make it work.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Court




Dear Editor,

In reference to the ‘near misses,’ crashed and other incidents at the bend on Knight Street and The Boulevard, where is the evidence to prove the road is to blame? Has anybody actually considered incompetent drivers, because what I have noticed on the increase is dopey drivers who are either fiddling with some post-modernity gadget or being distracted by nothing going on inside their heads, and now we have smart cars creating dumber and dumber drivers.

Some people actually drive into trees on straight roads for heavens sake and because the road already is as boringly straight as possible, we now need whiter, brighter and fatter white lines, need to install rumble strips and crash barriers and all just for the dopes, while the honest working taxpayer has to pay for other people’s blunders.

I bet the next statistics to pop-up will be an increase of drivers coming off country roads caused by a lack of fat, bright white markings etc.

I see much similar stupidity on High Street with people who have children, and even in prams, stranded on the medium strip with cars and trucks zipping past and ‘oldies’ do it too.

Then we have the inconsiderate and selfish types who open the drivers door while parked parallel (bloody zombies).

I never blame roads for accidents. It’s the stupid, dumb and ignorant no-brainers at the wheel who are to blame.

Personally, I feel much damage is perpetrated upon children at a critical development age by paranoid parents who imprison their children through forced harnessing of children into car seats. The psychological impact on the young mind, I assume, is yet to be analysed.

Most people clip on a seat belt, followed by a sense of relief and belief that one is now safe, yet this can be far from the truth.

Yours sincerely,

Terence Ashdown