Sunday, February 25, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor July 21, 2016


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to a Letter to the Editor by Terry Court in The Adviser on Wednesday, July 13 titled ‘Government needs to reach agreement.’

Terry wants Australians to cut our defence, tax smart business people who employ thousands of Australians, spend more and get the budget in surplus.

All good for Terry who stood up at meeting and asked Tony Burke the then federal minister for the environment to reduce the irrigated footprint the Goulburn Valley area by 50 percent to send downstream to the keep the Murray River Mouth open.

The same irrigators underpin 70 percent of the Goulburn Valley’s economy and Terry wants to shut them down.

Yes, governments need to reach agreements. Unbelievable.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Threlfall




Dear Editor,

More recently the Greater Shepparton City Council councillors and council staff are doing a much better job following the welcome departure of Mr Gavin Cator. Regrettably though, a couple of recent occurrences have caused some serious concern.

Strangely it appears that the ex-CEO, Mr Gavin Cator, will not go away.

Interesting to note that Gavin Cator was present at the last council meeting to witness former Mayor, Denis Patterson’s apology for “name calling and allegations in relation to Mr Gator’s legal expenses.” Sadly of note was that one particular councillor was keen to further embarrass our former mayor by requesting the apology be read out rather than just being statutorily tabled. Even more surprising was that the current mayor arbitrarily decided to read out the apology “as he wanted to be clear and transparent.”

How unnecessarily disappointing.

Is this just another underlying example of why the council has been previously considered by many to be dysfunctional?

There are far too many current and previous examples of lack of dignity and/or respect amongst some councillors to ignore. I, like many others, am hopeful there might be some continuing improvements following a number of changes both with councillors and council staff.

Mr Cator publicly stated, “Maintaining personal and professional reputation is of great significance.” I would suggest that Mr Cator needs to listen to his own words. Not a good legacy and what has that track record done for Mr Cator’s own “personal and professional reputation?”

Furthermore, Mr Cator was one of the principal complainants resulting in no fewer than nine separate councillor investigations, which caused council substantial expense of around $150,000. Some of this expense is due to Mr Cator’s accusation that our former mayor used a derogatory comment to describe him and our ex–mayor commenting to other councillors in relation to Mr Cator’s “legal expenditure.” Also, Mr Cator reportedly accused two other councillors of a “vendetta to undermine his position and that all three councillors had engaged in conduct unbefitting of a councillor.”

What was the end result? The former mayor tabled the required apology while the other two councillors were found to have no case to answer. What a terrible and unnecessary waste of our ratepayers’ money.

Mr Cator stated in his article “he now hopes everyone moves on…”

I, like many others, am so pleased he has moved on and trust his modus operandi is never repeated.

To our current councillors and council staff, please never go where we have gone previously.

Yours sincerely,

Rod Schubert

Intending Candidate for Greater Shepparton City Council