Sunday, February 25, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor July 27, 2016


Dear Editor,

The Greens vote has fallen again and they have lost seats in the senate. Their very apt “if you care, vote” slogan has thankfully fallen on deaf ears.

To The Greens, if you cared you’d determine better scientific proof of your doom and gloom environmental theories, particularly when scientists have released in this week’s ‘The Australian’ evidence that the Antarctic Peninsula, regarded as a “global warming hot spot,” has been cooling for almost 20 years, not in fact heating as you’ve suggested.

If you cared you’d rethink you’re stance on a further 50,000 Islamic refugees intake into Australia. 50,000 refugees who want to introduce Sharia Law in Australia. 50,000 refugees from more than seven countries who still enact the death penalty for homosexuals. 50,000 refugees who believe and practice daily the extreme oppression of women. 50,000 refugees who are not interested in our way of life, but in changing it to their way of life.

If you cared, you’d be more interested in preserving our great country, our freedoms, our prosperity and our lifestyle.

Where do The Greens really fit in the political spectrum?  If you care about Australia … nowhere!

Yours sincerely,

Steven Threlfall




Dear Editor,

I refer to the letter from Terence Ashdown in The Adviser on the July 13, 2016 titled “Is The Road To Blame.”

I live on The Boulevard and I often watch the traffic rounding the bend especially when I hear the squealing of tyres in the wet and watch a vehicle going sideways out of control. I have often gone over to see if the driver is ok and waited for a tow truck to arrive when the end result is an accident.

The road surface is angled on a steep slope as you round the bend, and soil from the dirt road leading down to the river is blown or washed over the road surface, making it very slippery and dangerous.

In my original letter, I also wrote that council had sent its staff down and they have agreed that the road surface needs re-surfacing as it’s worn smooth, and that they have also put up new traffic signs lowering the recommended speed limits.

Yes, in this case the road surface is largely to blame, and I agree that there are other reasons for the “near misses” like the irresponsible drivers, many of them “P” plate drivers that speed and put their vehicle sideways rounding the bend.

I have spoken to the police about this and was told that there are speed camera cars positioned along The Boulevard and that they also have unmarked police vehicles on that section of road and random breath test vehicles there at times.

Hopefully council will install a pedestrian refuge strip on the corner as I see many elderly people trying to dodge the speeding vehicles that cut the corner.

Only time will tell if council will keep their word and actually make the road safer for all.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Templeman