Saturday, March 24, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor August 3, 2016


Dear Editor,

To the business people in Maude Street Mall. The first rule of business is “What are others doing that I am not?” You can’t drive your car through the shops at the Shepparton Market Place on Benalla Road. Neither can you drive through Northlands in Melbourne, Westfield Marion in Adelaide, Casuarina in Darwin or Mission Viejo in California. So why do these businesses succeed? Go to any shopping center, country market or fair and the most populous place is the food hall! People can’t go more than 10 meters without wanting to stuff their face. Whether it be Flemington Market in Sydney, Victoria Market in Melbourne or Mooroopna Farmers Market, the biggest percentage of stalls are food stalls. People like to see a very well dressed ‘dolly-bird’ or a well presented polite young man to attend to them rather than a scruffy thing lounging behind the counter. Please do not be offended, as this is a general comment.

No one wants to have to negotiate through a car park to get to a shop that has its entrance blocked by cars or have to avoid 4WD tanks cruising at 3km/h looking for a park space.

The answer to this is to provide what people want. If a series of stalls were to be located through the mall selling ice-creams, hot-dogs, hamburgers etc then the mall would flourish.

Most libraries and museums that I have visited around the world have a café of some sorts. Even the GV hospital has a public eating place and they are not looking for business.

So, the rule of business; get out and see what others are doing and do it better. Set a sprat to catch the mackerel. I was told that this was the case years ago and the council removed the stalls … well just reverse that decision.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis Oyston