Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor November 23, 2016


Dear Editor,

Whatever happened to the wonderful little Christmas style village and the auspicious arrival of Father Christmas in our Maude Street Mall? Set up in the early weeks and dismantled after the celebrations, it provided great family entertainment.

My last Christmas was spent in Europe. Arriving in Munich with my son and German born daughter in-law on November 24, when Syrian refugees were coming into Germany in droves, we were greeted with a huge beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the Munich railway station. On a next day visit to the old town square in Marienplatz I saw my first Christmas market amidst all the other historic buildings, churches and the city council (Rathaus).

Other places visited, such as Prague’s Street Wenceslas Mall had a huge area devoted to a Christmas market, retail sales stalls, entertainment and great food outlets. As did Dresden, Berlin in the Central Square. It was dominated by giant, decorated Christmas trees.

A three day trip to Milan also showed the delights of Christmas in streets and markets along with the many wonderful art galleries visited. The week of Christmas was spent at the extended family home in Lindau, South Germany boundaried by the Alps on one side and the beautiful Bodansee Lake on the other side. Once again, the six week market was set up on Lindau Island and was great fun for both locals and visitors. A visit to nearby harbour village, Wasserburg revealed the same beautiful Christmas theme, and also to Brigenz Austria, yet another wonderful market!

How much effort would it take to re-introduce such wonderful celebrations to our mall? Shepparton Show Me, businesses and council please take note.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Moran