Sunday, February 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor December 21, 2016


Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage other Shepparton Post Office Box users to join me in asking for the passageway to be cleaned.

I have written at least three times to the post office manager, who has forwarded my concerns to the contracted cleaners. It is obvious that they believe the little amount of work, (if any), they complete is sufficient and therefore nothing has improved. The first and only time the passageway had a proper, thorough clean and polish was at least three to four months ago on a long weekend and has not be touched since. The scuff-marks on the wall have never been cleaned since the new post office opened.

I find this offensive as we, the users, are paying rent for our post office boxes and I believe we deserve to have this passageway and wall properly cleaned at least once a week. The supposed cleaners are getting paid for nothing and if they are doing anything it is quite clear they do not understand what the word clean actually means.

Please help me to improve this unacceptable situation.

Yours sincerely,

Noelene Caverzan 





Dear Editor,

It was with renewed hope that things would change for the better with the electing of fresh faces to the Shepparton city council. Alas, that was until the Maude Street Mall plans were announced. Not off to a great start.

- Grassed picnic area; who in their right mind would have a picnic in the mall? The existing grass area in front of Maddisons is never used. Ask business owners for confirmation.

- Vegie patch; who is going to pay for the 240-volt high protection fence? It will be vandalised within the first 24 hours.

- Shipping container shops; maybe I am from another planet, but why would they even be considered when there are vacant shops in the mall? Any person considering a container shop is looking down the barrel of bankruptcy.

- Art gallery; council is already spending millions on SAM at the lake.

The only common agreement is that the mall is almost down and out.

Council does not listen or consider mall business owners or the ratepayers.

Ninety percent of mall business owners want slow moving traffic in the mall.

To say that only three councillors favouring opening the mall equates to two-thirds of ratepayers having the same opinion is a big, unsubstantiated call.

Suggestions have been put to council to visit or contact similar sized towns which have removed their malls to see how they have since progressed.

It seems to me council is too scared of the results and could just be proved wrong.

Before spending a cent, contact them please.

I recently visited Brighton East (Melbourne) and shopped at the extremely busy Church Street shopping centre.

This centre is of similar size to our mall. Church Street is packed with shoppers, our mall a ghost town. Why?

Brighton East has free, timed two-hour parking, and both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. Both not in your face but big, free parking at reach of each.

Let’s face facts, most families visit a supermarket twice or more per week. If a full-sized supermarket with free parking was in the CBD/mall, it would obviously flourish and so would the mall.

Don’t consider a new supermarket in North Shepparton. Locate it in the mall – problem solved.

Shoppers are a fickle lot and shop where convenient. It would bring back big numbers of shoppers to the mall.

Council needs to make this a priority, as businesses make the mall. If they disappear, so does the CBD.

Finally, who paid to have the mall constructed in the first place? A large portion was paid by a special rate on property/business owners.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Dodds