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Letters to the Editor

Editor August 17, 2017


Dear Editor,

The 5th of August was six months since the first of two fires suspiciously occurred in the old winery/cellar building on the corner of Vaughan and Hoskin Streets, Shepparton. Although the fires did not cause any significant destruction, it brought to my attention the neglected and dangerous condition of the premises. As a local resident who works nearby, and parks in the car park adjacent to the property, I wrote to the Greater Sheppaton City Council to complain about the unsafe and unsightly state that the property has been left in.

In the six months since, I have not received any response whatsoever from the council, nor has any action been taken to secure the property and make it safe to the public. There are still large holes in the security fencing, which is easily moved to allow access to the site. The gate on Hoskin Street remains unlocked and open to anyone who desires to trespass upon the property. Even following the fires, neither the police, fire investigators, the council or the owners made any effort to lock the gate or secure the property from further damage.

During the recent school holidays, I had noticed suspicious people, teenagers, and even children on scooters, enter the property. What if they were to step on broken glass, or a discarded syringe? Would the council, or the owners, be held accountable? Rubbish, bits of wood, broken plaster and sheet of corrugated iron are littered all over the site. If this were a residential building in a prominent neighbourhood, the Council would not be able to act quickly enough to fine the owners for allowing the property to fall into such a state of disrepair.

This building is located on a very busy corner of our CBD, on a street that see’s many tourists and visitors shopping at nearby stores. What an absolute embarrassment it is to the residents of Shepparton to have such an unsafe, unsecured, derelict and vandalised property in one of our main streets. What’s worse, however, is the complete lack of action the owners, and the Council, have taken to secure and restore the property, and prevent further destruction of one of the few historic buildings we have left in the centre of town.

Yours sincerely,

Jess Kerambrun




Dear Editor,

For many years, V/Line coaches have picked up passengers on the corner of Marie and High Streets, Nagambie at 9:43am and 11:30am, taking them to Seymour to catch the trains to Melbourne. They have also stopped on the Shepparton run in the afternoon on the other side of High Street at about 4:30pm near the lake to allow passengers to get off there.

This has been a good service for pensioners, those who do not drive, students, and has made the service easily accessible for the locals to use.

Now we have been notified that as from August 23, the coaches will only have one stop, the Nagambie Station, which seems odd as there are no trains arriving then from either Shepparton or Melbourne.

I have written to Strathbogie Shire Council who said it was a V/Line decision and that it was not part of their new design for angle parking in their High Street redevelopment scheme.

So I have now written to the Public Transport Victoria (PTV), the PTV ombudsman and V/Line offices in Melbourne about my concerns.

This is crazy seeing the bus has to drive down to turn into High Street (100 metres from original stops) anyway to go in either direction, Shepparton or Melbourne, after leaving the station.

So why stop there and inconvenience passengers by making them walk 1km to the station or back from it to High Street then in my case, another kilometre home? Can you imagine me taking a suitcase along that distance, which I often have done, if coming back from or to Broadmeadows to/from the airport smart bus connection.

I also take the bus to Seymour to catch the Melbourne train for medical appointments. It is easier to go from Southern Cross Station to go to East Richmond station to go to Epworth Hospital or North Melbourne station to get to visit the Royal Women’s Hospital or Peter McCallum Hospital by a urban coach than trying to park in those hospital areas.

I know of other pensioners who walk 2km to the High Street stops now, and who will find it very hard to walk the extra kilometre to the station to get the bus, and back after being dropped off there. They also go down to Melbourne or Shepparton for medical reasons, and health appointments.

Nagambie has an aging population, and not all can drive or be taken to the station.

I believe this decision to only stop at the station was called for by the PTV then V/Line sanctioned it. I don’t think the people making this decision consulted with the locals who use the service

I would like this situation researched further and for locals to have a say about this necessary public transport service to Nagambie and outlying district folk. If anyone needs to write or call V/Line about this they can contact me for the details.

If we do nothing, it will just happen and so many will be disadvantaged and I feel that they will no longer use the service if they have to go to the station, which has no proper shelter, only two shells which house four people, and is open to all kinds of weather.

This decision may suit the service provider, but it will not provide the care and support of our community of Nagambie and district, which should be paramount.

Yours sincerely,

Diane Grant 




Dear Editor,

In an age where it’s commonly thought that the more money is thrown at a sickness, it is assumed that obviously this will lead to the illness being cured quicker.

As a parallel, I was interested to read The Adviser (July 26) stating that about 90 percent of major crashes are caused by human error, hence my rationale dictates that un-roadworthiness stems from drivers.

Modern roads are big and beautiful with easy curves to navigate ones way toward ones destination….so easily in fact that drivers are sedated with their comfort and feelings of security.

Combine this with legal drug users killing people illegally; we do have a recipe for disaster and 90 percent may even be too kind.

Heated seats, reverse cameras, blind spot warning detectors, intelligent braking etc etc etc…all breeding a new race of dumb and detached drivers.

Then we have the air-bag phenomena sold as a safety feature, and with all the other perceived post-modernity safety features and gadgets to weaken and de-skill drivers.

I feel current advertised safety features need to be sold as ‘sedative features,’ because in reality, this is the end result.

Yours sincerely,

Terrance Ashdown