Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor November 1, 2017


Dear Editor,

I have read with interest The Adviser’s editorial comments regarding the dilemma of Shepparton’s declining CBD area.

A number of the suggestions put forward make a lot of sense. In particular, a timely reminder to the council and other authorities on the seemingly endless parade of surveys, consultants and recommendations which now need to culminate in some sort of positive action. Hopefully the options now under consideration will offer some solutions.

Once again, the issue of the dreaded parking meters in the CBD!

As pointed out in The Adviser’s article, the survey a couple of years back gave a clear indication to the retailers in the CBD that the meters were a major part of the problem. It is high time that the council finally changed its priorities and decided to forego the parking meter ‘cash cow’ with which it seems to be obsessed, to the detriment of the whole retail business environment of the CBD.

Another matter which appears to have been largely ignored is the fact that many businesses which formerly occupied the now empty premises in the area have walked away because of the prohibitively high rental rates being demanded by landlords and estate agents for the premises.

For many of these small businesses, it’s been a double whammy! Not only have they suffered because of a declining customer base, but their profitability has also been further pressured by spiralling rental and leasing costs in what is already a difficult environment.

Perhaps it is time that some of the greedy landlords took stock of the potential long term gain versus the obvious short term loss that they are currently undergoing with many of their premises unoccupied because they are unaffordable.

An alternative solution would be for the owners of these premises to drastically lower their rental fees as an incentive for small businesses to re-inhabit what has sadly become a ghost environment.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Read




Dear Editor,

In regard to the Shepparton recycling station at the tip; what a wonderful place to go to when you need that bit that has broken on your mower or whipper snipper.

Old bikes are bought cheaply, taken home to be done up for fun rides and painted crazy colours. Used for a time of enjoyment when you don’t want to go out and buy a new one for an occasion.

There is always something of fun or interest there. You never come home empty handed. It’s just plain fun to go and see what is there.

Gary has served me pleasantly over many years. He is always a helpful and smiling man. The other workers there are great people. Really, they deserve more praise than they ever get as they are helping to keep the city clean and are certainly doing their bit for the environment.

They are always keen to help find the littlest thing that you may need. It gives elderly men somewhere to go potter about on weekends and plenty do. Not everyone likes going to new shops. Some just like the fun of the mystery of what they might find.

A job well done guys. You deserve a thumbs-up for providing many years of great service.

Yours sincerely,

Vicki Anderson