Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor November 8, 2017


Dear Editor,

After enjoying lunch with a friend at a central Shepparton restaurant, it was depressing to see my car being photographed by a parking officer; I was 20 minutes over time. The fine was a hefty $79.

It is not difficult to understand why the good citizens of Shepparton and its visitors would rather do their shopping in the shopping centres than in the central business district.

Whilst the Greater Shepparton City Council claim to be investigating ways to increase business in the quiet mall and surrounding streets, they have chosen to fine people $79, when the Victorian State Government only recommends fines of UP to $79. When discussing this worrying issue with Mayor Adem, he claims that he agreed it was excessive, but he was “only one person on the council!” Why would the council try to penalise our local businesses when they’re down? I thought we were all working together to increase the foot traffic in these areas and help our local traders!

We have an unprecedented number of empty shops. Where once friendly local traders used to greet visitors and locals, we are now met with a lonely shop front and its sad implications.

Instead of fining people with the maximum $79, this money could have been spent at our local businesses. With a longer and cheaper parking time, people could choose to wander around the shops just that little bit longer. No, we’d better get back to our car because we wouldn’t want to get another $79 ticket, would we?

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Bowyer




Dear Editor,

I recently spent six weeks in Bendigo attending the Peter Mac Cancer Unit with a family member for radiation treatment, and wish to thank the unit and the Bendigo Hospital for outstanding treatment given.

Yes Shepparton’s GV Health hospital urgently needs a radiation unit installed right now not just considered going forward. I was shocked to see so many people from around the Shepparton region attending the Peter Mac Radiation Unit in Bendigo and not able to have one in Shepparton.

I know the art people in Shepparton think that SAM is important for them, but I feel that people`s health should come first, especially with cancer killing so many people who did not ask for this sickness.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Dickson