Friday, April 27, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor December 21, 2017


Dear Editor,

In a recently published ‘If it’s Got Wheels,’ David Lee correctly identified Tino Leo as one of our local motor racing legends.

It may be interesting to recognise some of Tino’s exploits dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he was a member of ‘Lou’s Racing Team’ together with Lou Renato and others in early speedway saloon cars.

In those times, Tino started out in an FC Holden as a member of the Goulburn Valley Auto Club, later moving to the Cobram Auto Club.

Tino upgraded to a very potent red and gold EH Holden powered by a 186 ci. engine with triple Weber carburettors. Always a precise yet forceful driver and with his racing number 85, he had an ongoing respect for his fellow competitors and was rarely involved in an ‘incident.’

Following his speedway career, Tino moved into touring cars and on occasions during the 1990s I would catch up with him at Bathurst, where he still retained the red and gold signature colours in the Masters Series. Ever respectful of his old friends, he would always address me as “Mister Ray Read.”

Tino was one of the participants of our ‘good old days” speedway reunion, held in Shepparton in 2013.

It is great to see Tino’s continued participation in all things motoring. He is indeed one of our local racing legends.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Read




Dear Editor,

Well, recently l travelled on the Shepparton train (6:30am). It was hot and smelly and no food or drinks.

On my return on the 4:30pm train (remembering it was a very hot day), there was no food or drinks… for 2.5 hours there were no drinks on board to purchase! Again, the train was hot and over loaded with people having to stand. One carriage was locked. It was a better class carriage than what we get to travel on and they had it locked. l asked why it was locked and was told that the air-conditioner was not working and that it may start up when we got going then they would move people in there…they never did. Just another lie from V/Line. l watched one lady who was on the verge of collapsing as her body was over heating.

It’s time the government did something before we have a death on our train this summer. They say a child locked in a car is death and parents can be charged, well I wonder if V/Line would be charged if there is a death, if they are the reason somebody overheats and dies.

Shepparton trains are so old. It’s ok to board the carriages that feel cool and put 60 odd people in the carriage, which all the bodies change the temperature and it’s like being locked in a car. Many people travel on the train to attend doctors in Melbourne for their heart etc and hot trains don`t mix with people that have heart problems.

Please do something before we have a death.

l am sick of theses trains. They are hot in summer cold in winter they only have drinks and food when they want and half the time the toilets don’t work and they smell.

Yours sincerely,

P. Maxted





Dear Editor,

In regards to your article on city parking (Wednesday, December 13), a simple solution would be to maintain the ticket machines, but at no cost to the vehicle owners, and extend the permitted time limit to three hours before issuing an over staying fine!

The three hours would give shoppers and restaurant patrons enough time to go about their business.

It would also mean that inconsiderate people would not be tying up parking spots for an extended period of time!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Higgins





Dear Editor,

Here is my overview of the recent vote we had to waste our time indulging in.

Those who are homosexual, lesbian or anything else have for many years been attempting to convince all and sundry that they and heterosexuals are the same, which in many ways is true, but when it comes to relationships between female and female and male and male and male and female, there can never be any smidgeon of the sameness.

Hence, whatever the vote result, it can never be classified as marriage.

So really the vote on same sex marriage proved one thing only, the 4,873,987 who voted no, approximately one third of those who voted do understand the subtleties of the language.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Bell