Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letters to the Editor

sadviser December 26, 2017


Dear Editor,

Ha! Ha! Ha! What a joke. The Shepparton city council should hang their heads in shame. How not to promote the mall/CBD. Talking to a young girl the other day in the mall who is typical of disgust shown with the councils inaction and doing nothing about attempting to revitalise the Maude Street Mall. She recently got married, prior to this event the bridal party had a final fitting at a CBD dress shop. The fitting session took a bit longer than planned and they returned to their three cars 15 minutes overdue to discover parking fines to the tune of some $85. What a fabulous way to promote our ailing CBD. That’s the way; get there and fine the hell out of them.  She is obviously not a happy clapper and has vowed to never shop in the CBD again. Keep up the good work councillors with this attitude the CBD/mall will soon no longer exist.

Yours sincerely, Robert Dodds Shepparton

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