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Letters to the Editor

Editor January 10, 2018

Dear Editor,

It is extremely disappointing for the hapless Greater Shepparton ratepayers to hear that the free timed parking trial idea for the central business district has been rejected.  With a stroke of the pen, the council officers cited financial impact and a lack of evidence to squash this proposal by hundreds of consumers responding to Council public consultation over more than a year now. 

It would seem that only Councillors Adem and Sutton have been seriously perusing and listening to the many submissions, suggestions and consultations relating to this long-winded saga.

The suggestion that costly pay and go technology be introduced will further inconvenience many shoppers who don’t have the IT savvy to use a card (if they in fact have one).  How is it that our sister cities in the North East do not rely on this income stream?

The threat by the owners of the unhygienic, underutilised multi-deck park eyesore to seek damages for loss of income if the trial did proceed is incredible. A business which should have provided the CBD businesses with paid parking bays, thus alleviating the alleged use of street parking bays, surely should have been on the agenda. 

How much of the business income has been put back into making the car park accessible and user friendly over the past twenty years since it was sold off by Council.  Once a public council asset, clean and maintained, it is now a disgrace in the central business district.

For the ratepayer it is a no win situation, and so the saga proceeds.

Yours sincerely,
Patricia Moran


Dear Editor, 

The problems of the Mall seem to be ongoing with no particularly good method of resolving them. In a recent letter there was a point made that we could do with another multilevel car park. A point worth considering, however, use of the multilevel car park above Target seems not to attract as much patronage as desired. The reasons for this appear that it isn’t as clean as it could be and also access is not as convenient as it could be with access down Stewart Street. If Fraser and Stewart streets were connected through the Mall, slow moving traffic from Wyndham Street could flow through to the car park. Making access better would increase the use of this facility. 

The proposal by some that timed car park spaces be extended to three hours could also be worth considering.

Another thought comes to mind after reading contributions in local papers is that there needs to be parking available for CBD workers. If there was a large car park for workers away from the CBD a bus service going from the CBD to the workers car park could be commenced. This particular service would need to run from about the time of work ceasing for up to about an hour and similar hours prior to commencing work. This would free up parking spaces for customers. Some businesses would still need to park near their CBD business at times.

Just a few thoughts to be considered.

Yours sincerely,
Rodney Champness


Dear Editor,

The Shepparton City Council is doing a fine and outstanding job of killing off the CBD/Mall by completely disregarding the wishes of the greater percentage of ratepayers by continually sitting on their hands and doing nothing. All because of the all mighty Dollar. Can anyone out there please inform me as to how towns similar in size to Shepparton (Mildura, Yarrawonga, Benalla, Albury/Wodonga, Coffs Harbour to name but a few) with rates the same as ours all have thriving CBD’s with few vacant shops and free timed CBD parking?

We the ratepayers of Shepparton voted in all Councillors to act on our behalf, not to act as dictators and do as they personally wish. What a joke in banning free timed CBD parking by coming up with the brilliant suggestion of making parking meters more user friendly! Is this going to solve the problem along with 75 free all day parking in the Maude/Edwards Street car park? come on folks I think not.

I personally challenge the seven Councillors who voted against the free parking trial to come with me on a fact finding mission and talk to Mall/CBD traders/shoppers and ask the question “What needs to be done to revitalise the CBD? Then visit the Marketplace and Plaza complexes and ask a similar question “Why do you shop here?’

So come on Councillors accept the challenge, out of the comfy leather council chair and visit the ‘Coal Face ‘ if you dare? Discover first hand what the ratepayers who voted you into office are thinking.

I personally spent 54 Hours in the Maude St Mall during December taking Santa photos for Shepparton Show Me, the Mall is dead/dying. With our photos the same quality as others and priced very competitively from $5, what I took in 18 Days, both opposition Santa photo businesses took more than that in a single day. 

One does not have to be a Rhode Scholar to figure out why?

Councillor’s accept the challenge or take the easy way out with no comment and continue to “Sit on your hands and do nothing?”  

RIP… Shepparton CBD.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Dodds

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