Thursday, February 22, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor January 25, 2018


Dear Editor,

Caltrop (Bindi) is out of control again in Tatura and right across the municipality. It’s a blight on our community. If you see Bindi report the location of the infestation to the council by going on line or ringing 5832 9700 and they will get rid of it. Hopefully, council is recording all locations so they can undertake spraying in the reported locations many times in the future because the seed lasts for more than 10 years.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Court




Dear Editor,

Just imagine a cat in a bag scratching to get out. Well, this is Christmas, a story itching to be told. That for some it is buying presents for family and friends; displayed before a Christmas tree. To the delight of children lights and carols can be most moving. That which is traditional has a magic of its own. What might be folklore to some, to others it enshrines everything that we call Christmas?

When it comes down to the birth story, some may ask “did it happen this way? Was this an unmarried mother, or one born to an old man or to what credence can we give to a virgin birth?” Who cares a tinker’s cuss of how Jesus was born. He was born as one of us. What more can we ask? “Come thou long expected Jesus born to set us free” “Tell out my soul……..” Our hymns make for rejoicings of glad tidings “Tidings of peace and joy” Something special has happened, and this today is no less unique than told in any other age. The voice of the prophets, were for a new reign to begin. For people who have been oppressed hope hangs in when all seems to be hopeless.  This is present within our society now, as much as it is happening in a much more as devastating experiences for others in war torn places.

There is a great variety of recognition being given to the celebrations of Christmas.  For some it is presents for everybody. For others it brings much carol singing in the garden. With the children it is a great night out. Christmas dinner with family or friends can be a time of coming together with a joy of belonging together. Christmas is more than an excuse for a family reunion; the very nature of all that is relevant of Christmas permeates that occasion. Church walls cannot contain the significance or meaning of Christmas. People from all walks of life find here a time for rejoicing.

Sadly there is another picture of police sorting out the pains of people who would have liked to be part of Christmas. Alcohol or perhaps drugs and no money to buy kids a present goes down hard. That dysfunction is an affliction that for most is swept under the carpet. The poor police are left to clean up the mess. It is no picnic for them. So while we gorge ourselves with the happiness of Christmas spare a thought for the disadvantaged of our community. Where possible do something to overcome this misery.

In this day and age we can reasonably ask for a clearer message of what the coming of Jesus coming into our world really means. What it means is more important than how and why did it happen. Significantly Jesus spoke of the presence of a spirit, which is life itself, as being in and among us. Yes, he was a healer and brought comfort to the lonely and lost; but above all else he was the champion of the common man. As a peaceful activist injustice at a time of Roman domination he struggled that those weighed down and burdened should be set free.

Tell me, is the coming together as family with children greater than is the birth of Jesus as announcing that a new age has come? Is there something vital relating to Christmas that is being bi-passed? Maybe we enjoy the glitter of the wrapping more than the treasure in the Christmas parcel.

Yours sincerely,

Alan English




Dear Editor,

I submit this letter in response to the Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s request for community thoughts on parking conditions in the CBD.

In September of 1854, newly appointed Victorian Lieutenant Governor Sir Charles Hotham took over. He saw an opportunity to raise revenue from the hapless miners and charged them three pounds a month licence fee, which was beyond their means. We all know the result …they revolted and the fee was removed.

In the year 2018, the Greater Shepparton City Council is charging CBD shoppers double the cost of recovery of the user pays parking tax. Shepparton ratepayers at the next municipal elections will revolt by replacing pro parking meter tax councillors with free parking ones.

Yours sincerely,

Norm Sims