Sunday, March 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor February 14, 2018


Dear Editor,

Last week in Wyndham Street I saw a blue Hyundai Getz parked on the side of the road and inside of the car was four little dogs quite hot and distressed.

By the time I had parked my car the owner of the car and the dogs had walked back from her visit to the pharmacy and got into her car. To top it all off, she then proceeded to do an illegal U-turn in Wyndham Street and drove north.

I would like to remind the Shepparton community that not only is it extremely cruel but it is illegal to lock your dogs in the car, especially on hot days like that day (41 degrees).

It only takes a matter of minutes for your dog to literally be cooked and die in your car.

I rang the police and gave them her number-plate and I am hoping that they catch up with her.

Yours sincerely,

Scarlett McRae




Dear Editor,

I am just highlighting my recent positive experience at GV Health, Shepparton, being my first ever admission to this hospital.

All staff I encountered from the triage staff and emergency department team to the medical ward nurses and doctors were all caring, compassionate and helpful.

I would like to compliment all the staff and management of this hospital for helping to make a stressful time more bearable.

This hospital often receives negative feedback, so I felt it was important for me to detail the positive experience that I encountered.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Sarkady




Dear Editor,

I have written to you once before on an issue that concerns me quite a lot, and I see it on a daily basis…drivers not using their indicators correctly, or at all.

I simply cannot believe that drivers don’t know how to use their indicators correctly and I am putting it down to pure laziness. Too often I see a driver in front of me change lanes and turn into a turning lane but do not use their indicator until they are actually turning the corner…that is if they do at all. There is absolutely no need to use it after you have already begun turning the corner as the sole reason to use the indicator is to alert other drivers on what you are doing, before you do it.

There is a reason it is called an ‘indicator!’ they are designed to indicate to other drivers your intentions prior to completing this intention so as not only to enable you as a driver to do this safely, but to prevent unsafe issues for others on the road.

While we are on the topic of driving, I would like to point out that the new concrete island on the corner of Gilchrist and Fordyce Streets near the new Bunnings Warehouse is not that difficult to navigate, yet I have encountered at least four people over the past six months who are seemingly confused by how to use the corner. If you are continuing around the corner from Gilchrist Street onto Fordyce Street, there is no need to stop nor put your indicator on as you are not crossing a line marking or passing through an intersection, you are going around a bend. I have seen drivers stop in the middle of the bend as I am approaching who seem to think that I am continuing onto Fordyce Street, which is not the case, because if I were to do so, not only would I indicate to give them enough time to know where I am going, but I would be the one who needs to give way as I would be crossing the line markings…meaning they should not be stopping. This is a very dangerous thing for them to do, and I have even had two of them cuss at me out their window and gesture quite rudely, even though it was indeed them who is not following the road rules.

Alright, that is my rant over for now, but I ask people to perhaps go back and read the road rules.

Yours sincerely,

David James