Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor,

Is this for real? Or a bad nightmare or an early April Fool’s Day joke — $18.8M for a footbridge at the Shepparton station.

Our councillors are completely bonkers.

Who in their right mind would even consider such a foolhardy project?

What a complete waste of money (regardless of government support).

The central business district/mall is dying a slow death; the future for its survival questionable.

The construction of a bridge would have a minuscule benefit to the central business district.

So why in heaven’s sake would council consider such a blatant waste of money?

There are numerous projects the town needs before an overhead bridge is even considered.

I estimate 95 percent of people using our outdated trains arrive at the station by car/bus or taxi. How many people travel by train to shop in the central business district? Next to zilch.

Oh, if I was only 50 years younger, and the construction was approved, I would take on the project myself, sub it out for a fraction of the cost and still make a good quid.

The Shepparton city council is becoming a laughing stock and an embarrassment to all ratepayers.

Why don’t they have the guts to ask ratepayers if they approve of spending such a huge amount of dollars?

Come on, get real.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Dodds




Dear Editor,

Thanks to the efforts of many people re the removal of another ATM in Mooroopna it seems some ‘common sense’ may have prevailed.

I heard that due to their efforts and concerns it is to stay open. I myself am a regular user of this facility and rarely have it to myself. It saves me a drive to Shepparton.

People power prevails again.

Yours sincerely,

Ross Farrer




Dear Editor,

For the past eight years, Jennie Patterson, a teacher at the Shepparton English Language Centre (SELC) and myself have been mentoring refugee students from SELC to enable them to gain their probationary licence through the wonderful L2P program offered by Berry Street.

At all times I carry a copy of Geoff Allemand’s great little book, ‘Shepp – Its People and Places,’ which features photos of local identities and landmarks. Each photo is accompanied by a corresponding Aussie slang word. Currently, I am mentoring eight Afghani students and it is their responsibility to learn one slang word each week from Geoff’s book.

During our travels we spot some of the identities featured in the book. We also visit the landmarks, with the Stumpy family of Arcacia the most popular. Sadly, the Stumpies have not changed their attire for many months. Over the years we have seen them dressed for a variety of occasions including Christmas, Halloween, footy, cricket and summer etc.

I am hoping that the ‘mystery dresser’ reads this letter and returns the Stumpies to their former sartorial elegance.

Yours sincerely,

Leo Houlihan