Listen to your heart


There is something to be said about taking notice of health professionals. Paramedics and first responders are telling people to know the symptoms of serious illness and when to call for help.

Ambulance Victoria Hume Regional Director Matt Chadban said with Stage 3 restrictions in place and many people at home, now is the time to brush up on the basics when it comes to your health.

“While a lot of attention is on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and rightly so, we don’t want people to ignore the warning signs of other medical conditions such as stroke and heart attack,” Mr Chadban said.

“If you are feeling chest pain, breathing, dizziness, anxiety, vomiting – don’t delay calling Triple Zero (000). Time is of the essence and the earlier we can get to the patient, the better their chance of recovery.”

“By asking some simple questions about your general health, our experienced paramedics and registered nurses on the end of the line will be able to determine the right care for you, whether that’s an emergency ambulance, non-emergency transport, referral to a doctor or pharmacist, or if you’re okay to care for yourself at home,” he said.

“Our message is simple, listen to your body, and remind your friends and family too, that we are here to help you in a medical emergency.”