Local pick for Plenty

SHINING A LIGHT ON LOCAL CREATIVITY… 20-year-old singer-songwriter, Charlie McCosh has won a competition to play at the inaugural Land of Plenty festival in November. Photo: Ash Beks.

Shepparton, Land of exceptional music

Local musician and singer-songwriter Charlie McCosh has been selected to play at Shepparton’s forthcoming music festival, ‘Land of Plenty’.

Charlie entered the ‘Pick of the Crop’ competition earlier in the year to perform at the November festival and was selected to perform on the big stage alongside national acts such as Ocean Ally, Briggs and Illy.

To enter for her chance to perform, the 20-year-old musician had to submit a 150-word written application with background information on her and her band, along with some videos of the group performing.

Charlie then received a call late June and was surprised and excited to be informed that she was the lucky local winner of the ‘Pick of the Crop’ festival.

“I didn’t hear from them for ages so I thought they must’ve chosen someone else but when I got the call I was so excited,” she said.

Charlie attended Shepparton High School from year 7 until year 9 and says this was the time she started to really get into playing music. Following that, she attended Notre Dame College (NDC) from year 10 until year 12, where she started to get involved with the school’s musical theatre program.

Naturally, the next thing for a young creative to do is to broaden their horizons. Soon, Charlie was getting involved with local performing arts program Initial Stages and writing and performing her own songs at gigs and events around Shepparton.

“There’s so much creative talent here in Shepparton,” she said. “You really find that with a lot of the gigs that Jamie Lea puts on. There are just so many different kinds of music happening here that a lot of people don’t know about and I think there’s potential for Shepparton’s music scene to grow even more.”

And with a huge music festival like Land of Plenty scheduled to become an annual fixture in our local calendar, alongside an array of exciting ongoing musical opportunities like The Winter Sessions, Shingo’s Gigs and Goulburn Vibes, it’s no surprise Shepparton musicians should see copious opportunity in the expanding horizons.

“For Land of Plenty to offer local people the opportunity to play on the main stage alongside all these big names is really cool,” Charlie said. “It’s a really great thing for Shepparton.”

On November 2, Charlie McCosh will be performing at Shepparton’s first major music festival, Land of Plenty. She will be flanked by the members of her band, which include Matt Head (drums), Jason Giuliani (bass) and Jaiman Long (keys). To keep updated with forthcoming gigs Charlie is playing, follow her on her Facebook ‘Charlie McCosh’ or Instagram @charloteemccosh.