Sunday, March 18, 2018

Local youths to learn about cyber safety

David Lee February 28, 2018

WORD and Mouth is again heading out to speak with young people, this time to warn them of the dangers of the cyber world. Word and Mouth, partnering with Victoria Police, is committed to educating the region’s young people about the improper use of technology.

Word and Mouth project manager, Jim Gow said, “This project is an important investment into the future of our young people locally.

“This is a topic in high demand. We need to educate our young people around the dangers of what can be found online, but also around anti-social and bullying behaviour. We aim to engage young people in schools, and those in non-traditional education settings.”

Starting this week for a period of three weeks, both Word and Mouth and Victoria Police will visit more than 10 local education settings to spread the word about Cyber Safety.

“It continues to rear its ugly face, most recently with the well-publicised death of Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett after being bullied online,” Jim said.