Look after local businesses that look after you


Our borderless, global world is no longer as country after country pulls up the drawbridge against the unseen but relentless – and sometimes lethal – Corona Virus pandemic.

Suddenly, country is king in these extraordinary times and now is the time for us all to step-up to support our home-grown regional businesses.

As the food bowl of Victoria the Goulburn Valley is playing a key role in the food supply chain during this crisis and food purveyors and restaurateurs have adapted incredibly quickly to provide takeaway, pick-up and delivery services. There are many local eateries providing excellent food ready to go. Help them and help yourselves by supporting them.

Your local butcher, baker, fruiterer, green grocer, pharmacy, newsagent, supermarket, rural merchandiser and other businesses are all meeting the challenge.

Supporting your local businesses in this time of need will repay our local economy in so many ways, and don’t forget to support those businesses that have been forced to close, when they re-open.

This pandemic will eventually pass, but it may change the way we live and encourage us to further appreciate what we have in the food bowl on our doorsteps.

Keep your local hard-earned dollars local.