Look up when planting

HEADS UP… Powercor urge gardeners to be mindful when planting trees and shrubs around powerlines this spring. Photo: Supplied.

With the great spring weather we are having, people are out in their gardens pulling weeds and putting in new plants ahead of the summer yet it is also when a timely reminder is given to look up when putting plants into the ground, particularly near powerlines.

To plant around powerlines, gardeners should think about how high shrubs and trees are likely to grow, also how far they are away from them in case the tree might blow over in a storm.

Other things gardeners should be mindful of are the width of the fully grown plant and then how far the roots might extend if the power lines are underground.
For more information, visit the Powercor website for more tips on planting near powerlines and ideas on species that may suit local communities: https://media.powercor.com.au/wp- content/uploads/2018/11/23144235/cppal-planting-trees-near-power-lines-nov-2008.pdf