Looking to send gifts overseas?

ANYTHING, ANYWHERE… PACK & SEND Shepparton franchise owner, Rick Orr can help you get your gifts and packages overseas safely. Photo: Sharelle Jarvis.

There’s only a couple of months until Christmas is here, which means we all start to get a little stressed about getting gifts for our loved ones and having everything organised in time for the big day. If you’ve got family or friends overseas and need to send over a gift in time for Christmas, now’s the time to give PACK & SEND Shepparton a call.

Franchise owner, Rick Orr and the team are able to handle just about anything, domestically and internationally. From bikes, to all manner of car parts, artwork, and even fine china or other fragile pieces, PACK & SEND can help with your worldwide postage solutions.

“Some people still think of us as being the same as the post office, but with PACK & SEND we handle all freight; from small to large, domestic and international and we can import and export,” Rick said.

“We can also custom make packaging to suit your needs, can pick up, pack and deliver items for customers.”

When you need a reliable, well-priced courier service for your business, eCommerce, or personal parcels, visit PACK & SEND at 155-157 High Street, Shepparton, or give Rick and the friendly team a call on 5821 0568.