Monday, March 19, 2018

Making private health insurance cheaper

David Lee November 25, 2015

FEDERAL Member for Murray, Dr Sharman Stone is encouraging residents across the Murray electorate to have their say on how the private health insurance sector can deliver better value for money by filling in the online survey on the Department of Health website.
Dr Stone said, “The Federal Government wants to hear what people want from private health insurance organisations and how they can be improved to deliver better value for consumers.
“The survey asks for views on a range of issues such as whether there should be different premiums based on ratings for particular factors such as age or health risk factors like smoking.
“The number of people with private health insurance in Murray has always been below the national average of 50 percent and well below the metropolitan figures which are as high as 70 percent.
“We have communities in Murray where patients cannot afford to see a specialist or have a specialist procedure performed unless they travel 1 to 2 hours to a public hospital for their treatment.
“Medicare and the public hospital system will remain ‘universally’ accessible to all and private health insurance is seen as complementing but is not substituting those services.
“The government will also consult with insurers, hospitals and doctors to discuss how the system might be reformed to achieve better outcomes for patients.”
The survey is open from now until December 4 and can be accessed at