Making your outdoor spaces smarter


The future of gardening is epitomised by technological advancements. As Australians are spending more time outdoors, there have been several changes to the way we interact with those spaces, thanks to technology.

Nowadays, automation is everything. Advancements in technology have taken us to a place that would’ve been deemed science fiction less than thirty years ago.

Without taking ourselves too far from the comfort of the here and now, here a few new technological advancements that are completely reshaping the Australian backyard.

Automated irrigation

Watering plants is a crucial chore. Computerised irrigation systems have been around for nearly 20 years but these days, watering your garden can be done from your smartphone or tablet.

Light ideas

Keeping the party going after the sun has set is a crucial element of entertaining and is now easier than ever, thanks to outdoor solar lights. Some lights can be controlled by a smartphone, some feature different colours and there are even those with a built-in speaker.

Meat your maker

One of the greatest Australian traditions is the backyard barbecue and when guests are over, the pressure is on to produce the best steak and snags. Modern barbecues boast an insane array of features, such as smartphone temperature control and regulation. 


Keeping your property safe and secure is the most important element of a build and, once again thanks to technology, maintaining piece-of-mind has never been easier. Security lights are a great deterrent against unwanted visitors and there are even self-locking doors and security cameras, which can connect to your smartphone.