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sadviser July 13, 2011

Dear Editor,
I have only recently become a resident of Shepparton, having spent a number of years in Bendigo and Melbourne. If I may say, Shepparton does not have much going for it, with respect to any buildings of note, any of interest having being pulled down years ago evidently. The Mall comes across as incomplete, giving an air of desolation, particularly at weekends! I agree with previous correspondents who advocate the present shopping hours are very limiting, and need revising if the hope is to attract more shoppers!! May I suggest moving the current weekend Market in the Park (opp the Art Gallery) to be relocated to the Mall. It’s what it needs, a reason for being there, a meeting place and to create something that, at present, is sadly missing, atmosphere. It would bring more focus on the Mall shops, and the centre of the town.
Yours sincerely
M.D. Mason

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