Maude Street Mall redevelopment commences


Following decades of community consultation and calls for redevelopment, Greater Shepparton City Council has commenced carrying out works in the Maude Street Mall.

The contract for the detailed design of the Maude Street Mall redevelopment was awarded to consultants Group GSA, following the August ordinary council meeting. Group GSA will complete the functional design, business case, detailed design and documentation of works identified for redevelopment in line with the plans.

As part of the process, local firm Watters Electrical started work in various areas of the mall on Monday, accurately locating existing infrastructure beneath the mall surface to assist with planning and costing.

Greater Shepparton City Council director infrastructure, Phil Hoare said the works would be carried out in two stages.

“The first stage will take approximately one week to complete and will involve the use of scanners to assist in determining what areas will need to be examined further through excavation.”

Minor excavation works to conduct a visual inspection and obtain depths of underground infrastructure in selected areas of the mall are planned to begin on Monday, October 21.

For more information about the redevelopment of the Maude Street Mall, please visit the project page on Greater Shepparton City Council’s website at