Meter maids (and maidettes) in Shepparton

PUTTING A SMILE ON SHOPPER’S FACES… The Choice Group meter maids, property manager, Natasha Evans, finance broker, Jim Surkitt, director, Jamie Cox, sales executive Shawn Newby, operations coordinator, Lauren Dwyer, director Darren Green and front of house, Emily U. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Over the Christmas period, shoppers in the CBD were given complimentary parking within the designated time limits. That finished at the end of January. It was during this period that the Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry undertook a survey that showed overwhelmingly, that both traders and shoppers were in favour of it continuing.

The Greater Shepparton City Council also conducted a survey during this period that is still being analysed.

Not to let an opportunity pass, one trader, Choice Group, whose office is in High Street, has taken to the streets decked in bright fluoro tops and have been giving visitors a free parking ticket, reminiscent of the meter maids that offered a similar service for visitors to the Gold Coast.

As director of Choice Group, Jamie Cox said on the card he handed out with the parking coupons, “We know property, this car space isn’t worth $83 for a couple of minutes.” He was alluding to the penalty that the council would impose on a shopper for being a few minutes late.

“We managed to brighten a few faces as we went around. We give them a coupon and have a bit of a chat,” said Jamie.

Like a lot of traders and shoppers in the Shepparton CBD, Jamie said the Choice Group are looking forward to complimentary parking becoming a permanent feature of the precinct.