Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Minor rise in school enrolments

David Lee January 27, 2016

GREATER Shepparton is about to see a minor rise in the number of students enrolled for the school year, with an estimated three more students hitting the school yard in government schools for the start of 2016.
In the 2015 year, a total of 7,597 students started the school year, compared with 7,600 who will be starting this year.
706 preps began their first year in 2015 and 600 will put on their uniforms for the first time and say goodbye to their parents on their first day this year.
397 began their first day as a secondary school student last year, while 400 will begin year 7 this year. 358 began the 2015 year looking forward to their final year of secondary school, with the 2016 year seeing 400 students set to tackle year 12.
A total of 4,609 students were enrolled in primary school for the start of the 2015 year, but the 2016 school year is seeing 4,700 enrolled to attend primary school.
2,791 students were enrolled in secondary school at the start of 2015, with 2,700 students set to hit the school yard at secondary schools this year.
The number of students attending special schools hasn’t changed much, with 198 being enrolled in 2015 and 200 enrolled for 2016.