Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mischief the Cat

sadviser August 10, 2011

Photo: Alicia Zeqir.“SHE’S very appropriately named,” says Numurkah’s John Gooding, owner of this week’s Pet, Mischief.
At almost 17-years-of-age, Mischief has seen it all, says John.
“I’ve kept a whole portfolio of her. Like a resume but for a cat,” he explained.
“I’ve got a real estate magazine that she was in once. Not featured in, but she just happened to be in the photo that was on the front cover.
“She has featured in about 15 or 16 local pet segments in newspapers too though.” John has even included the receipt from when he purchased his beloved Devon Rex cross at the Gold Coast in Queensland.
“She’s even been on planes you see. She’s been bitten by a Tiger Snake, there’s so much that I could tell you about her.”
John says Mischief’s favourite foods include pancakes, donuts and anything spicy including Cajun Chicken.
“She loves playing with other animals too. She once had a really good friend as a rabbit.
“I was never really all that keen for cats before I got her, they always seem to just run off on you. But when I saw her I just really loved her. She’s just wonderful.”