Wednesday, March 21, 2018
DOUBLE THE VINTAGE… Local resident, Rob Crawford with his two 1937 Chevrolets, Mr C and Ruby. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

Mr C and Ruby

David Lee February 21, 2018

LOCAL resident, Rob Crawford’s two 1937 Chevrolets are something quite special. They hold a very special place in his heart as not only did he have a 1939 model as his wedding car, but he also worked on that car with his dad, which is why one of his 1937 models is nicknamed Mr C.

Mr C was found while Rob and his wife were on holiday in Kiama in 2010. The ‘two door sloper’ needed a bit of work and Rob was up to the challenge. While it took him longer to finish than he thought, he has fully rebuilt the body, motor, given it a respray, rewired it, put in new glass and reupholstered it as well as installing a 12 volt system and new seatbelts.

The second 1937 model he owns, Ruby, was also found in Kiama and was bought because Rob hadn’t quite got Mr C on the road and Ruby was ready to go.

Rob said, “This model was known as a travelling businessman’s coup and they are a rare car as not a lot were made.

“When I was building the 1939 model with my dad, I said it was going to be the last worked on, but when I saw it advertised in Kiama I couldn’t resist.

“Malcolm Church helped me build the motor for Mr C and do quite a bit more with it. Without his help I wouldn’t have gotten the car on the road.

“My son is getting married soon so we are looking forward to having both cars in the wedding.

“My wife and I travel with the cars quite often to trips with our car club and they have even won a few awards at car shows.”