Dear Editor,

Israel Falou has religion and apparently is prepared to accept and be guided by that religion. He is a relatively high profile personality, but that should not preclude him from being able to air his views in whatever media he chooses.

Should those beliefs be of too higher standard for most of us, which I am sure they are, because almost all of us would have committed one of the acts he mentions; then we can attempt to improve ourselves or walk away?

We do not have the right to attempt to take away his right to express his beliefs. Remember Christ asked the disciples to go out and spread the word.

All those who agreed with the man also have the same rights. Incidentally the cartoon in one of the papers summed up the situation beautifully. Although I would have possibly been a little less harsh on humanity and maybe put one or two spectators in the football ground grandstands!

Yours sincerely,

Tony Bell