New Emergency Department comes online at GV Health


Heralding the staged completion of the redevelopment works at GV Health on Friday, CEO of GV Health, Matt Sharp said, “I am thrilled for our staff and community to have access to the new Emergency Department from this week as it is a fantastic environment to provide services and care for patients,”

Matt Sharp said it was exciting to be opening the second new building of the redevelopment works.  He also noted there had been positive discussions recently with Victorian Government departments and Lendlease which will enable access to parts of the former Emergency Department to be retained for services in coming months.

The former Emergency Department will be refurbished over the next 12 months, resulting in double the capacity that has previously been available.

“While we are all very excited about moving into the new Emergency Department, it will take some time for the former Emergency Department to be refurbished,” Mr Sharp said.

GV Health executive director capital projects, infrastructure and support services, Jacinta Russell said building works had continued throughout COVID-19 to ensure that the new and expanded facilities would still be delivered on time.

“It has been a challenging time for all health services across the world including GV Health and while managing and preparing for COVID-19, half of the health service has also been under construction,” Ms Russell said.

Mr Sharp noted the next major milestone for the redevelopment is the completion of the new, five-storey inpatient unit building which includes a new mortuary, new theatres, new critical care unit, kitchen and an increase of 32 new inpatient beds making up the new medical and surgical units.

To quickly increase capacity and meet the health needs of the community during COVID-19, necessary adjustments have been made to the redevelopment program, however, the project scope and estimated overall completion date of late 2021 remains unchanged.