New flavours at the peak of Chinese cuisine

BRINGING TRADITIONAL CHINESE CUISINE TO THE TABLE … Staff and owners at the renewed Sichuan Mum’s Kitchen restaurant, Anna, Maria, John, Lisa and Rebecca. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Dumplings are a prominent feature of Chinese cuisine and they all can differ slightly depending on the region from China from which the recipe originates.

Sichuan province is located in the lower, central region of the country, it is where the majority of giant pandas live in the mountains. It is also the region where subtle flavours in the cuisine originate, at times spicy with the use of Sichuan pepper, it is known as one of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine.

Recently renamed, Sichuan Mum’s Kitchen here in Shepparton, now has a new chef from Sichuan who, armed with secretly guarded recipes that have been passed down from her grandmother, is now delighting patrons of the restaurant with dumplings and mala that offer a flavour to enjoy and presents a whole new menu.

John, the owner says “We import all our special ingredients from China. It gives us the special flavour that comes with Sichuan cooking. Four words to describe it are hot, spicy, fragrant and fresh. Sichuan food is favoured all over China as are Sichuan chefs.”

Sichuan Mum’s Kitchen is located at 146 High Street Shepparton on the corner of Corio Street and having tried the pork dumplings, comes highly recommended.