Monday, March 19, 2018

Numurkah man hunting activities barking mad

David Lee October 5, 2016

A 21 year old man from Numurkah has been convicted and fined $4,200 after he was found guilty in Cobram Magistrates Court of committing hunting and animal cruelty offences last September.

As well as being one of three men involved in an incident where dogs were set on to a Sambar Deer, the Numurkah man was charged over offences including hunting without a Game Licence, hunting game at night, hunting with a spotlight and aggravated cruelty.

Game Management Authority (GMA) chief executive officer, Greg Hyams said Victoria Police identified the offending while investigating unrelated burglary offences.

“Victoria Police provided GMA game officers with evidence which showed the men illegally hunting a deer at night with a spotlight and using three dogs to take down and maul the deer to death over several minutes,” Mr Hyams said.

Mr Hyams stated firmly, “No breed of dog is allowed to attack deer in Victoria.

“While accepted dog breeds can be used to help locate, flush or track deer, it is an offence for any dog to attack, bite or maim deer or any wildlife in Victoria.

“Any dog used in hunting must not show signs of aggression and hunters must keep their dogs under control at all times.

“Deer can only be destroyed by licensed hunters or authorised landowners using permitted, humane methods.

“The court result sends a strong message to anyone who hunts with dogs that it is unacceptable to allow a dog to attack any wildlife, including deer,” Mr Hyams.

Anyone who witnesses suspected illegal hunting activity is encouraged to report it by calling the GMA Customer Service Centre on 136 186, visiting or contacting Victoria Police.