Tuesday, February 20, 2018


sadviser June 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

There is a government push, which has been going on for years, trying to keep people well and alive by getting them to stop smoking.

In my opinion, although smoking is a major health problem in our society there is a larger problem than smoking.

Obesity is making and is going to make more people sick and kill more people than smoking ever did or will.

The governments over the years have stopped advertising of smoking products and even now are taking them away from plain view in shops where they are sold.

I can see that in the future all food that is high in fat and sugar will also face the same restrictions and fast food that is mainly rubbish as far as nutritional value goes will be made to stop advertising all together and be made to be hidden from view as mentioned above with cigarettes.

There will be a massive advertising campaign by the fast food industry and junk food manufacturers as there was with the tobacco industry but in the long term they will lose.

There is in my super market two whole isles dedicated to junk food and one area set aside for fresh produce.

The rest of the shop is full of processed food so I guess the job to change all this around is going to be enormous but it has to be done.

The problem we as a society have in looking after the aged is nothing compared with the problem we are going to have looking after the sick fat people but no-one seems to care about this looming problem.

Yours sincerely,
Ken Morehouse