Off street council parking will soon be free

COUNCIL OFF-STREET CARPARKS WILL SOON BE FREE… 260 off-street carparks around the CDB will soon be available without requiring fees. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Council has introduced a number of measures to support business and the community to get back on their feet.

Following on from the trial conducted over the Christmas break with complementary free timed parking across the CBD, the Council has agreed at its recent meeting, to enable all Council owned off-street carparks  to be timed yet free.

This should be a great boost to business and customers visiting the CBD. Much of the commentary heard in the surveys conducted during the complementary period was to the effect that free parking took the pressure off overstaying metered times as well as the inconvenience of paying a minimum fee when only required for a few minutes.

According to Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Seema Abdullah, as the works on altering the signage at these parks, the rollout should hopefully start to take place around the middle to end of July.

Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, John Anderson said, “It is a start and will be a great boost to the businesses in the CBD now trying to attract customers as they get back to work.”

While the off-street carparks  will in time become free, users should be reminded that they will still be subject to timed parking and penalties will apply for overstaying the time limits.